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About Us


Creative Nursery School began when Kathleen Muller first opened its doors in the September of 1967. For thirty-five years, she pioneered early childhood education and devoted her life to the children of the school. In 2002, Mrs. Muller retired from her position; however, she remained active in the school for many years after.

Karina Srulevich is the current owner and director of Creative Nursery. She and her dedicated staff members are committed to continue providing nurturing care and education to children.

The Method

The philosophy we uphold is a balance of Montessori and traditional methods. Our students are separated into age-appropriate classes and introduced to a theme-based curriculum. Each class has set both academic and social goals.

Each child is treated as an individual here, with close attention being paid to their specific desires and abilities. Children learn that information does not just come from the teacher but in the world around us.

Responsibility is strengthened in various ways, such as cleaning up after oneself. Cooperation is developed through working with other children at a common goal. We believe that all children are born with a curiosity that, if properly encouraged, can bloom into a love of learning, responsibility, self-discipline, and respect.

Discipline Policy

Here at Creative Nursery, we believe in positive reinforcement methods. While handling a conflict, we will:

  • Redirect the child, thus diverting their attention to a positive and constructive activity.
  • Model a desired behavior and encourage the child to make an appropriate decision.
  • Explain the choices at hand and guide the child to an alternative.
  • Reinforce good behavior to remind the child that positive choices make people happy.
  • If all above methods are unsuccessful, then the child will be taken away from the activity to a designated rest area for quiet time (not to exceed a one minute for each year of age).


For a child to develop:

  • A positive attitude towards school and learning
  • A high sense of self-esteem
  • Concentration habits for lifelong study skills
  • Genuine curiosity towards the world around them
  • Ultimate potential through high self-expectation
  • Habits of initiative and persistence
  • An inner discipline and a sense of order

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